I’ve had this concern where there is this white-colored products all around my vagina, it can be somewhat embaressing…However it is not scratchy or something, no burning either. I am if perhaps you are and when me and my boyfriend were doing this inside the bathe and he brought out there was white products on it, it had been kind of liquidy….That’s not me on birth control, I know it’s not like a lot of people say you obtain prior to your expectant since We have got this for a couple several weeks and yes it even now hasent long gone absent, I asked my Gyno and he or she just filled me with a pill for Candida albicans, plus it didn’t work in any respect….You should We have requested other places also, and still haven’t become any responces…I need to know..Help?..
Additionally it is not just with this report but throughout the two lippy things whitened stuffs….Other people have this concern? I reall yneed to understand.

PS I realize I probebly inquired this previously however i just need to ensure, so avoid being mad.


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