Only to have this dealt with I know already i need to see a doctor concerning this so give up me the remark. Anyways, I am not sure how long i have noticed this challenge b . c . iv constantly just think it is another thing but now i am beginning to get involved. I start noticing a pins and needles experiencing like an itchy feeling and that i get tiny red-colored rashy lumps along by my butt and vagina…not inside the lip area or something…it sort of feels as though a knot occasionally…it is possible to touch it and feel a bundle or knot underneath the skin…and right after that’s there for several days it gets genuinely dry down there like dried-out skin and that i speculate you might say its flaky skin color…it is going to disappear completely for several days and return…i almost certainly have it keep coming back perhaps 4x a month. 4 observed it likes to put back up around the time that we have my time period. i do not possess any problem urination…it never uses up to urine and it is in no way painful on the bottom…i have a minor head ache every now and then however it does not hurt adequate to take remedies..i warrant that b . c . i sleep with my contacts in every single evening….i rest a whole lot i have no idea if it has something to do with it bc i am a higher pupil and i also don’t function…i really have time and effort on my small hands to obtain uninterested and become tired….umm let us see what different…i believe thats over it..anybody containing any recommendations you should remark..


  • rash around anus
  • figure of vagina