Going back several years, I have already been suffering with an itches vulva. I’ve been hesitant about going to a doctor relating to this dilemma simply because I’ve been imbarrased over it (I am 18, happen to be sexually active since i have was 15).
This challenge has been continuing since I was 12.
My vulva (not my vagina) is practically usually scratching, and often outer. At times your skin layer can be really dried out, and it’ll flake. The flakes at times seem like they have got great splits within them. When my skin color splits, it’s very distressing and is like skin is burning up. There exists vaginal eliminate, but it is clear. Often it scents kind of fishy.

I’ve experimented with not donning underclothing, which would have been a no-go. Nothing at all happened. I have tried personally itchiness creams, candidiasis ointments, and a number of other things. We’ve even been looked at for yeast infections, and absolutely nothing comes up. (Some refer to the damage or shedding or dry skin).

Before I make an appt., what could this achievable be?


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