i needed unguaranteed intercourse 4 the first time and a few nights soon after it commenced burning together a bizarre itchiness 2 my inside my vagina.. i got myself some feminine clean and it made it a whole lot worse. analyzed STDs and UTI and i am hovering in the direction of a UTI.. in any case well a short time soon after it stopped. i sought out yesterday and was too fatigued to bath therefore i made a decision to ascertain if the clean would do a little additional washing properly, just brought back signs and symptoms, consider now i’m hypersensitive 2 the wash? i am just soo dropped


  • why does it itch when i pee
  • why does my vagina burn when i pee
  • burns when i pee and itches
  • vagina Itches and burns when I pee
  • burns and itches when i pee