My vagina has been extremely scratchy lately and I not really know why. I’ve experimented with used vagisil also it won’t seem to help significantly. Now I’m considering using this anti –itch hydrocortisone cream I purchased right now. Has any person at any time used it down there? It states it is ok for exterior vaginal, feminine irritation.. Also does any person different knowledge, or has any individual actually experienced a really itchy vagina? I am pretty specific I can’t offer an A sexually transmitted disease, nevertheless the itching is driving a car me insane. I don’t have insurance coverage and that i can’t afford an inspection up, and i also haven’t been creating it to a hospital or something. Now i’m thinking about climbing on birth control type of soon, think that might help while using itchiness and other issues I am having straight down southern? I’m not really attempting to disgusting any individual out with the itching and whatnot, however it is significantly driving a car me nuts. Remember to only serious reply. Cheers before hand for your responces. :)


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