I shaved today once you get your blade but i did not have any shaving for men cream to use (now i’m out) and so i employed just regular soap. I discovered a few little small protrusions on either side of my sting bikini collection. The humps are certainly not IN my vagina. Just on the outside of. I am not if perhaps you are (i am a virgin). Now i’m in a very romantic relationship but our connection is not based on sex. Anyway, the bumps had been tiny prior to i shaved, and they were still small while i acquired out of your bath. but now they are truly red and itchy i mistakenly scratched the left facet with out pondering and yes it acquired worse. those hateful pounds are bigger then this other folks, and they injure to the touch. i seriously cannot consider everything else they would be aside from shaver burn up, however i want a lot more ideas and assist on how to reduce them can be much valued. thank you :)


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