so i have got this ongoing probleme for the past a few months. my vulva is reallly itchy, and close to my clitoris also. kind of around the casing of my vagina gets itchy occasionally as well. it is not yeast, i analyze unfavorable for STD’s and many others,
im not promiscuous person.
we have many release, but it looks like it’s normal hunting, will not aroma bad or anything.
sometims i do think release is coming from my clitoris as it’s up high during my underclothing, but my medical professional stated no, but i do not keep in mind receiving dishcarge there.
i went along to france come july 1st and i also distributed bathingsuits a lot… is it from that?
it won’t hurt once i pee, i can remember occasionally i buy reallly undesirable aches kind of exactly where my pelvic navicular bone is………
plesae give suggestions!


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